Contract Management

Contract Management Spotlight

Contract creation becomes much easier with automated contract management.

Initiate contracts and find pertinent documents from within familiar applications.

Use automation features, such as “clone a contract” so you can keep business clipping along at a rapid pace.

Trying to manually gather all documents pertinent to a deal can be a time consuming challenge. EDGE provides a single, effective view of a deal across multiple accounts and contracts.

See renewals by date range to ensure you don’t miss any renewal opportunities.

Contract Create

Add Accounts include all fields necessary to create a contract.

Name the contract, owner, workflow status, and assign a commission structure.

Account Capture

Add Accounts include all fields necessary to create a contract on the fly.

These details provide the ability for any user to search multiple fields in any account.

Account details are stored in easily accessible applications

Retention Management

Use the sorting options to look up contracts for renewal from multiple view points, including:

Pending Contract Renewals

Contracts Up for Renewal

Competitor Contract

House Contracts

Commission plans relating to specific contracts

A host of other sorting capabilities