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Base- PJM

Multi RTO

Since our move to EDGE on Demand, all phases of our business have become more efficient. Not only do we have a reliable place to host our CRM data, but now we have a platform to use the information; allowing our back office to excel and our sales force to push themselves. Our data has found a home with EDGE.


Base- PJM

Multi RTO

EDGE is incredibly user-friendly and ideal for the small brokerage. Whether utilized for pricing, document management, talk management, accounting, or commissioning, EDGE is the engine that makes our brokerage run.

The move to a new ERP/CRM can be a difficult and come with a lot of apprehension. Edge made the transition smooth and painless and has continued to excel in customer service. Highly recommend!


Base Ercot

Although there are several cloud based systems, EDGE is more receptive to user suggestions and understands the work flow of modern energy consulting firms


Base- NY ISO

Multi RTO


EDGE is user-friendly and cost-effective. We have several affiliated offices and hundreds of clients and EDGE has been instrumental in helping up provie the best representation possible for each and every one of them

Base- PJM

Multi RTO

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