How we started and where we're going

Edge on Demand started back in 2011 as Alphabuyer, Inc. We raised institutional funding to develop and operate a digital enrollment platform to help save our customers a bit of money on their monthly bills. Our first categories were electricity and natural gas. Despite enrolling thousands of residential customers for energy, the leap to telecom, mobile and credit cards was unsuccessful because of the unsustainable economic model. 


With this in mind, our Board and Management Team made the decision to pivot. We leveraged our software development expertise, our existing technology and knowledge of the energy markets to develop a cloud based energy brokerage management platform, creating the platform we now call Edge On Demand.


As we learned and grew, thanks to feedback and anticipating the needs of our customers, we developed Instapull, ECL, and Revenue Schedules. We'll never stop developing, and have more exciting developments in store for the coming year.

Our mission is simple: to provide energy brokers and marketers with the tools they need to thrive in marketplace.

Alphabuyer is featured in the press over 20 times and enrolls thousands of residential customers.

Launch Utility Connect.

Launch Revenue Schedules

R&D begins on:

•Internet of Things


•Machine Learning.


Alphabuyer Launch Group Buying Platform   - PJM – Power and Gas.

Pivot from Residential to Enterprise Broker Management Software. Launch EDGE On Demand

Launch ECL


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6ABC - 2.20.11, 9am, alphabuyer

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