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Display customizable metrics to help you manage more effectively

Provide critical and timely insights into the currency state of your energy management plan.

Benchmarking Report Example

Reconcile and Measure energy performance data and costs to compare individual properties over time, to relative to similar properties, or to a specific standard or metric such as an energy code.

Inform and motivate performance improvement by evaluating current performance as it relates to ideal performance.

Facilitate comparisons that prioritize change in energy management strategies.

Cost Savings/Avoidance Report Example

Examine the direct impact of specific components of your energy management plan.

Track the effectiveness of your energy/cost management plan building by building, year by year, month by month, and commodity by commodity.

Add value to your organization by using cost avoidance charts to proactively reduce future energy costs  

Accounts and Meters Report Example

Track Account to Meter Relationships, Individual Meter Rates, and Energy Cost Per Square Foot building by building.

View “Interval times Series Data”. Smart Meters collect data which can be displayed on our user friendly charts according to periods decided by your discretion.

Measure, Verify, Calculate, and Report usage and cost building by building and meter by meter by utilizing the reporting tools and your disposal.

Weather Normalization Report Example

Reveal the your meters’ “sensitivity” to weather by viewing the correlation between your energy usage/cost data and weather

Evaluate your energy management plan while accounting for the effects of weather on your energy cost and usage.

Compare utility expenses and energy usage year by year using weather data.

Report Configuator

Tap into your data by generating out of the box reports.

Choose from a variety of reports that enable you to display many metrics and customize reports that fit your needs.