Custom Pricing

Pricing Spotlight

RFP Workflow

Use a customized workflow for massive productivity increases

Improve communication 360 degrees

Find deal pricing issues faster

Cut down on paperwork and improve visibility

Record deals automatically to contracts

Monitor the process so you know where deals are at all stages

RFP Wizard

Create RFPs in seconds

Pricing is integrated with the CRM

All key information is auto populated for easy meter selection

Add documents, LOA, LOE, and account numbers automatically

Supplier Portal

The Portal gives suppliers an efficient tool so they can respond faster

Both you and the Supplier can input pricing information for convenience

Suppliers are updated in real time by the Broker any time you add information about a deal

Cut down on paperwork and improve visibility

Manual Pricing Input

Manual pricing options are included so you can set supplier pricing

Inline editing, similar to Excel, is included

Savings Reports

Provide your clients with apples to apples price comparisons

Provide your clients with savings reports with your brand and logo

Once a client selects the winning solution, create a contract to store in the CRM