Utility Connect

Unlock the Power of Energy Data (at your fingertips)

Rapidly extract from over 30 million records with two solutions

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ECL is a database of all meters, names, addresses, usage history, rate codes, etc... in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and Texas. 

Scraping Period - Monthly integrated with or without EDGE CRM.

Instapull is a utility scraping and database tool housed in the EDGE CRM (under accounts tab) which allows the user to instantaneously extract key energy information for that account.

Scraping Period - Instant integrated with or without EDGE CRM. 


Refresh meter data in real time

View/input detailed account information

View the last time a meter was refreshed

View meter usage month over month

Continuously extract and analyze real-time meter data at the touch of a button.

Deliver ongoing, historical, or interval data to simplify and streamline data aggregation.

Instant access to data enables users to price more efficiently and accurately.

Capture proprietary, client-owned data.


Export data to your CRM or to an Excel file

Click on account to view monthly usage data

View ALL of your accounts

Narrow your search with 23 different filters

Filter by size

Aggregate all customer utility data in one convenient location

Look up any meter on the fly or any meter associated with your customer.

Import directly into the CRM

Find all client meters to include for a bid.